An interview I did with H. Jon Benjamin.

: When I look back on my childhood in Worcester, it was pretty good overall. My parents are responsible for that. They were successful people and that made things a lot easier for me. When I wanted something, I would usually get it and so forth. But, I grew up with a lot of people who didn’t share that experience in Worcester. But, for most kids, I think the world is pretty contained. I basically grew up doing three things, going to the JCC, to the Dream Machine (an arcade) and Friendly’s in Tatnuck Square. But, my son has grown up in NYC and it’s not like he goes off to the MOMA one night and then off to BAM the next to see Pilobolus. He just seems a lot more tolerant of gays then I recall the people I knew in Worcester were.


A story I wrote for Globe Magazine (the Boston Globe’s Sunday magazine).

While Fagundez and I are talking in his living room, a friend stops by. We soon end up downstairs, ready to play FIFA on the Xbox. Sitting on the edge of his bed, his friend lounging behind us, we pick our teams: Holland’s SC Heerenveen for me; for Fagundez, Spain’s Real Madrid with Cristiano Ronaldo, his favorite player. He slaughters me.

For a rematch, we even out the odds with MLS teams. I choose the Vancouver Whitecaps. He, of course, picks the Revolution, then makes sure to insert himself as the focal point of the offense. He ends up scoring two goals — with the digital version of himself — and wins again. He shakes my hand.


This Year in Writing: 2013

Here is a (small) collection of things I wrote for various publications. There is no order to this except for how I collected the links. 

Here goes. 

On Monday, In Boston [The Classical]

Fallen MIT police officer Sean Collier remembered as a friend and determined young man []

Frank Deford [The National Endowment for the Humanities]

Robbie Rogers, Out and Out [The Classical]

The Time That Kendrick Lamar Took Over My Brain [Complex]

Kelyn Rowe: A Budding MLS Star Prepares for 2013 [American Soccer Now]

Trap/Defense: The Basketball and Rap Lives of Marquis Daniels [The Classical] 

Be Here Now [The Classical]

Worcester’s Timothy Ritchie finishes 25th in Boston Marathon, but is more impressed with human spirit shown in wake of bombing []

Matt Reis’ comeback has sparked the New England Revolution [ESPNFC] 

EDUCATED CHEESE [Sports on Earth]


PAUL PIERCE’S FALL [Sports on Earth]

Worcester native Tim Collins silences doubters, makes his mark with Kansas City Royals []


Worcester funeral director Peter Stefan, upset by secrecy of Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s burial, continues to go about his business []


I spent too much time watching film of Paul Pierce for this and the one game I got to in Brooklyn was ugly and sad. This pained me to write. 

"This version of Pierce plays like he’s shooting in another gym, each shot off by a few inches."


This is an amazing series by David Roth (Part 2 Here). 

"David Roth traveled to Qatar for a closer look at the World Cup’s future home. Here is the second installment of his five-part series."

To bring the World Cup to Qatar, the emir is prepared to spend hundreds of times what his sister spends on art; one estimate places the total associated costs at around $220 billion, with a fucking B. 


I took a look at Matt Reis’ emotional return which has sparked the New England Revs to an impressive run for ESPNFC.

"I know there are lots of parallels in everything we do and after a tragedy like that, getting back into your routine and what you’re good at and what you do, for me that was very helpful," Reis said last week. 

Reis added, “Obviously, being around the guys, being in that situation and the love and support they all gave me while going through it, during it and just to be back out there with them is really special and something as a young kid that you kind of take for granted. 

“I am just grateful for the time [with the Revs] and through all that tragedy it makes you realize that more and I’m still fortunate to still be playing this game,” Reis continued. 


A personal essay I wrote for Complex about trying to interview Kendrick Lamar. 


I wrote about Diego Fagundez’s season for ESPNFC on Friday.